Microscope Dentistry

Microscope Dentistry


The microscope is an advanced piece of equipment that allows increased precision in all aspects of dentistry. By magnifying the field up to 20 times, it allows unobstructed illumination of even the most difficult to access areas of the oral cavity. The microscope enables us to accurately diagnose problems early and effectively so that the problem can be managed with minimum treatment. If we spot any problems, the microscope allows us to communicate these more clearly so that you can make a more informed decision about treatment.


Thanks to our microscope we are able to find even those kinds of root canals which are normally invisible. Naturally, such treatment is more successful. Apart from the root canal treatment we use microscope in prosthetics and during tooth restorations.

So that your teeth remain whiter than they have ever been before, your Lazurit dentist will give you valuable tips for dental hygiene.

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